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Experience the Adventure and Romance of Hot Air Ballooning with Blue Skies!


Your Ballooning Adventure begins in the early hours of the morning when you meet your Blue Skies Crew and fellow passengers.

What to expect on the morning of your hot air balloon flight:

Our meeting time is generally about an hour before sunrise and varies throughout the year as the time of sunrise changes. The expected weather conditions for the morning will also impact on the meeting time – your pilot will confirm the exact meeting time the evening before. Please read Preparing for your flight here.

Our departure is dictated by the weather, so it is important that you arrive on time.

Tea and coffee is provided at the meeting point.

Meet your pilot and crew and enjoy a coffee while we prepare your flight documents.

After a short briefing by your pilot, we transport you to our anticipated launch site.

The launch site is chosen by your pilot based on the wind direction in the morning.

We may stop once or twice on the way to release small test balloons to recheck wind directions.

On the launch site you will be invited to assist with the inflation of the balloon, or you may take photos, and relax and observe the inflation process if you wish.

Prepared to be quietly amazed as your balloon finally stands up, ready for flight.

Once our balloon is inflated, your crew will ask you to climb aboard, your pilot will give you a final briefing, and you gently lift off.


Once airborne you float gently with the wind, as part of the air mass!

Because you are moving with the wind, you won’t feel any wind chill.

No motors or vibrations, just the occasional “whoosh” from the burners. You’re floating gently in the air.

Enjoy a unique bird’s eye view of your local farms and vineyards in the still of the early morning.

You’ll fly for approximately 45 to 60 minutes on your Hot Air Ballooning adventure, the exact time in the air is determined by wind speeds and wind directions on the day, and when your Pilot determines the best and safest landing option.

Your ground crew will follow the balloon, maintaining radio contact with your pilot, and will generally be waiting for you on the ground at your landing location.

You may also hear your pilot talking via radio to other aircraft in the area during your flight.


Your pilot will most likely land your balloon in the paddock of a friendly farmer.

It takes only 15 – 20 minutes to repack the balloon. You will be encouraged to participate in the deflation and pack up process. Please advise your crew if you are unable to join in.

Once your balloon is packed it’s time for a quick group photo with new found friends, and then back to the winery/cafe for breakfast, and a glass of bubbly or juice to celebrate your amazing ballooning experience.

While breakfast is being prepared we gather for a traditional Balloon Blessing Ceremony, and your Pilot will explain some of the fascinating history of ballooning. The very first balloon flight was in France in 1783.

Non-flying family and friends are able to join you for the celebration breakfast experience, please advise the Office or your Pilot in advance to arrange extra seating and payment.

Your Pilot and Crew will download the morning’s onboard camera photos for you to view on-screen during breakfast, and you may purchase a USB with all of the day’s photos to take home with you.

Your ballooning package includes:

    • A hot air balloon flight  over beautiful countryside and vineyards, generally lasting 45-60 minutes
    • Active participation in the preparation and repacking of your balloon if you wish. [ Ballooning is a hands-on experience not to be missed !! ]
    • A delicious well earned, champagne breakfast after your flight as an option.
    • A “no breakfast” option is available if you need to get away early, but we still find that breakfast is our most popular inclusion – you have already been active for a few hours, and you will be hungry!
    • A personalised Flight Certificate is presented to each flying guest at breakfast.
    • Some of Australia’s most experienced hot air balloon pilots and crew.
    • Full insurances included – no Aviation surcharges on the day.
    • Transport to and from the launch and landing sites
    • Tea and coffee before your flight.
    • On-Board Camera to take photos of you and your friends in the air. Photos available to view on screen at breakfast after your flight. Purchase and take home with you on USB if you wish.
    • Easy and secure car parking.


What to wear and bring:

      • A warm jacket, heavier for winter.
      • Layers of clothing. You can remove jackets etc as the sun starts warming.
      • Dress for hiking or bushwalking. Sturdy closed-toe shoes or boots and warm socks are a must. We will be walking in grassy and sometimes muddy paddocks, so high heels and thongs are not acceptable. We suggest that you bring a dry pair of shoes and socks to change into for breakfast, particularly in winter.
      • A hat, cap, or beanie. The burners radiate heat, so we recommend a hat or a beanie in winter, especially if you are getting a bit thin on top.
      • Sunglasses
      • Gloves in winter
      • Camera
      • A small bottle of water in Summer.

Notes on clothing:

The coldest part of the morning is on the launch site, while your balloon is being inflated.  Generally, it will not be any colder in the air during your balloon flight than it is on the ground at the launch site.

Because the balloon moves with the wind, you won’t feel any wind chill. As a guide, your pilot will fly with a shirt and t-shirt all year round. Your Pilot will also give you an indication of the expected temperatures when you check in on the evening before your flight.

Please note: The balloon burners do sometimes drip water mixed with carbon. This can drip on your clothing. We recommend that you do not wear white clothes! Blue Skies Ballooning will not be responsible for clothing that is stained or damaged as a result of our adventure activity.


Parking is free.

Tour Time:

Plan to be with us for approximately 4 to 5 hours, each ballooning day is a little different.

Suitable Ages:

From 6 years to Much Older “Young at Hearts”.

Age is no barrier to ballooning. So long as you are able to stand for the duration of your flight, and enter or exit the basket. Please call our office for any additional information.

Youngsters below 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Refunds and Cancellations:

Safety and a quality flight is always our first consideration. If unsuitable conditions prevent you from flying your booking will be transferred to another day, or your ticket refunded. Certain fees may apply, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Non-Arrivals/No Shows on the day will not be refunded and will forfeit their ticket.

Meeting Times:

We generally meet 60 to 90 minutes before sunrise and this time will vary throughout the year.

Please allow plenty of time to travel to your designated meeting point – it is important that you arrive on time.

We look forward to seeing you on the day…

For more info call our office on 03 8418 3187


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