Safety and Weather Conditions

Safety and Weather Conditions

Your safety comes first.

If the weather conditions are not suitable or safe for flying, your Pilot will cancel your flight.

Every balloon flight is unique in regards to the weather conditions on the day. All commercial hot air balloon pilots in Australia must pass CASA exams covering meteorology, navigation and air law. This, combined with the years of flying experience in the Yarra Valley, gives your pilot all the skills necessary to decide whether the conditions are safe for flying.

Safety Regulations

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) governs all the aviation aspects of commercial hot air ballooning in Australia, and applies some of the toughest regulations in the world.

The Regulations that apply to any small passenger airline also apply to us. CASA regularly audits all AOC holders and their Operations Manuals. Our pilots must hold CASA issued licenses, and are subject to regular mandatory flight reviews.

We operate under CASA’s approval with Air Operators Certificate (AOC) CASA.TAAOC.0364.

Aircraft Airworthiness

The same stringent regulations that apply to our operation also apply to the airworthiness of our aircraft.

All of our hot air balloons are subject to regular maintenance inspections. A licensed Maintenance Authority holder or the Manufacturer carries out all repairs and maintenance.

Our Chief Pilot is the holder of a CASA issued Maintenance Authority.

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